Ottmar Brandau
  Division Senior Consultant -Internationally recognized expert in PET Blow Molding. Ottmar is available for direct consulting @

Title Name Experience
Obrandau Merrick President Obrandau Merrick
Over 40 years in Blow Molding. Major Shareholder. Book Author and Conference Speaker
Michael Merrick Sales Michael Merrick
Over 40 years in the Plastics Industry, over 20 years in Blow Molding. Major Shareholder
Kevin Dearden Vice President - EBM / PET Kevin Dearden 27 years Blow Mold production, Machine Design and Troubleshooting. Expert in EBM.
Tian Xiaogai Director of Purchasing, Asia Tian Xiaogai 30 years’ experience in Asian Plastics Industry, 25 years in Blow Molding
Gabriel R. Madera Service Technician Gabriel R. Madera Five years’ experience in EBM, IBM & electronics
Harvey Gentles Vice President of Sales – PET Machinery Harvey Gentles 25 years + in Plastics Industry
Sales Manager Jeff Miedzik

25 + years in Plastics Industry IBM Specialist
IBM Specialist

Andrew Hobson USA Technical Manager Andrew Hobson

25 years’ experience with accumulator head blow molding machinery and molds. Vast experience with automotive, heavy truck, large containers, lawn and garden and ag/construction equipment.

Frank  Trumble Service Technician Frank Trumble 18 years extrusion blow molding - EBM trouble shooting and process
Spares / M Files Manager Matt Nicholson 18 years’ experience - Specializes in Purchasing & Selling of blow molding machine and leak tester parts.
Zheng  Xuelei IBM Technical Engineer Zheng Xuelei

Electrical Mechanical Processor 20 Years’ Experience